“I wonder what women are. I sit and think. The men are different, always ordering and having what they want. But some men do the chores of the house and look after their family just like a women would. My father was like that. Mother died when I was 13. We were 4 girls and father single handedly took care of us. We could not go to school because we had to help him with the animals and the fields. Father loved us and made sure we were well fed. He was a quiet man who went quieter after mother died. His death was also very quiet. He did not say much but we had grown up so I think it gave him some peace. All my sisters are married now and we all live not so far from each other. During Sangranti, Dashain, Tihar and Chaite we all come together, sit in the sun, and talk about father and how difficult life was for him and for us. We take turns in sharing stories of our struggles growing up as girls. And together, we sometimes laugh and we sometimes cry.” (Bishnu Maya Rai, Tafethok 8, Taplejung)