“When I was 19 years old a snake bit me and I lost my hand. I was very sad. One has to lose a hand to understand the sadness. But as I started to think about my life ahead, I realised that I needed to do something. I told myself that if I was to earn a respectful life, I must study and become a contributing member in the society. I could have gone the other way, if I had stayed home in self-pity. So I studied hard and every time I did well, I felt better about myself. Today, I am a civil sub-overseer and also a junior technical assistance working in animal health. For many years, I have been providing my services to my community. To be able to stay close to home with my family, my growing daughters and to see that I have the power to change my community is what makes me happy today.” (Ratna Kumara Shrestha, Lelep 7, Taplejung)