“When I was small, I had a difficult life. My husband brought me here to Nepal and the difficult life continues. I have a daughter and a son and they are growing up. They go to school and are exposed to new things. They come home and complain about the state of our home and talk among each other about what they lack. I know they have bigger dreams. I never had any dreams in my life. I was just like a cow, just nodded my head every time I was told something, never said no, never argued. Woke up, worked all day, ate if I was given food and the slept in the corner. My husband is also a simple farmer, he does not know how to think left and right. He goes early in the morning, spends all day in the fields and comes home tired. I tell him about the children and how they are growing up and also about their daily demands but he just listen quietly, eats his food and goes to bed. This is life for us. I hope destiny permits my children a better life. Now, I have to go take food to the fields to my husband. He must be wondering where I stalled.” (Raj Kumari Devi Yadav, Birpur, Saptari)