“I had a happy life with my two daughters and my wife. But at 14 months my youngest daughter died of an illness. And not long after that, my other daughter also died. The doctors could not treat her. My wife stopped eating after our daughters death. I would tell her, console her but she did not want anything in life anymore. She fell sick. She passed away too. I could not save her. I spent everything I had to save my daughters and to save my wife. In a duration of 20 months I cremated my entire family. I just could not understand how this could happen to just one person. But life went on. People came and went. I was left wondering what is all this? I decided to live and remarried again and I have two sons now. But I am still mourning. I run a small tea shop now and sit all day thinking of life. Everything that happened to me has left me wondering why we all act like we know everything but in fact, we are all clueless from birth to death.” (Babu Ram Karki, Dharan 16, Sunsari)