“From very early on, I helped mother with everything. I learnt from her the importance of being busy. She involved me with the chores of the house. It gave me immense happiness when she praised my work. Every time i tidied up the bed or cleaned the courtyard, she had good words to say. She would pat my head and say, “Well done, Chori”. And I wanted to do better every time. At first it was just to please her but I started to enjoy working. And that is how I have always been. Today, at home my husband tells me I never stop. He tells me I need to stop searching for things to do and that I need to slow down. Sometimes I think he is right. And sometimes in the afternoon, I feel tired and I find a stool and sit there for a while. But then my eyes start roaming around, and then in a distance I will see a layer of dust on the TV or the flower vase in the wrong place. And then, without knowing, I am back at it again.” (Purna Kasi Gurung, Bhujung 1, Lamung)