“I have a daughter and I love her. I could not go to school so much. But for her, I will do anything. I will give her good education so that she becomes someone that people know and respect. I hope she finds an educated husband and a good family. I hope we will not have to offer any dowry for her marriage. However, I am not sure if that is possible. No matter how much she is qualified or educated, we will still have to offer dowry to the grooms family. The richer the groom’s family the more they will demand for their educated son. If they have one car, they will ask for another. That is the system and it is difficult for simple people like us to go against the system. But let us not talk about these negative things. I hope my daughter can decide for herself what she wants to do in her life. What can we do, other than hope and pray to god for a good future for our daughter.” (Hira Devi Mandal, Dhanushadham 2, Dhanusa)